It all started when…

I realized my first newspaper didn’t even have a Facebook account. It was 2013. I was horrified. As far as I was concerned, this problem needed to be rectified, immediately. And with a too small team and an even smaller budget, the only one who cared enough to get it done was me.

At the time, I had no idea I was playing out what would become the narrative of my entire career, substituting Instagram for Facebook as the years went by. I’m young, so older people trust me with social media. (I am sorry to say that’s how it works, but it does!) With no formal training, I dove right in, and learned how to engage an audience by working in the trenches of daily news production.

It is truly empowering to bring beautiful photography and videography to thousands of extra screens every day, to trail blaze an innovative, modern path through an aging institution. Skeptical editors and disgruntled reporters could not withstand my sheer optimism, passion, and bullheadedness. Everywhere I went, from my first newsroom to my last, I started social media accounts, founded video programs, and trained anyone and everyone with even a mild interest in helping me. I was on a quest to transform traditional news media.

And then, I got disenchanted. Both with the ups and downs of newspaper life (and newsroom management) and the inherent disrespect of visual media in a word-based empire. Leaving an industry that was so deeply, inherently part of my identity was one of the hardest things I ever did.

I sought refuge in the only place that made sense. The greatest comfort of my life: education. It was never how I imagined myself going back to school — no longer student, but staff. And I love it. You will never find more vibrant communities for storytelling than the ones in higher education.

My path has not been straightforward. Is anyone’s? But I have always loved my work, and I put my whole self into everything I do. If my portfolio doesn’t scream that truth, nothing I write will help me convince you. (Except, maybe, my resume.)

So take a look.

What have I been up to recently…